Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

6 Possible Scenarios for Spurs in Harry Kane’s Absence

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So, it turns out that Harry Kane can actually get injured. Who knew? 

Oh, everyone?

Tottenham Hotspur don’t have any other senior strikers on their books, so the next few weeks – or months – could be interesting now that the Englishman has been ​ruled out with a hamstring tear.

Let’s take a look at six possible scenarios for Spurs while Kane is sidelined.

1. Everything Goes Fine

Jose Mourinho

Don’t let their form this season fool you – ​Spurs are actually good at football.

Kane is their talisman, but there are plenty of goals in this side from ​Son Heung-min​Dele Alli and Lucas Moura, and ​Christian Eriksen certainly knows where the back of the net is (although he might be finding it somewhere overseas pretty soon).

Spurs could just score goals and win games without Kane, and then score even more goals and win even more games without him. Everyone’s happy.

2. Nothing Goes Fine

Moussa Sissoko

Having said that, what if literally nothing works?

Kane is clearly Spurs’ most dangerous weapon in attack. He has bagged 11 goals this season, but even that hasn’t been enough to save Spurs from all the turmoil. Imagine where they would be without him.

​They lost 1-0 to ​Southampton even with Kane in the team. A few more similar results and Spurs could be tumbling down the table faster than José Mourinho can think of someone to blame.

3. Troy Parrott to the Rescue

Troy Parrott

This could be it. This could be the era of 17-year-old Troy Parrott.

​The Irishman is highly thought of by many, both inside and outside the club, and he is the only other striker in Spurs’ squad. If Mourinho wants an out-and-out striker, he simply has no other options.

Ireland could be partying for months after Parrott bags ten goals in the next five games to make him the single-most exciting teenager around. Who is Jadon Sancho?

4. Son Heung-min Steps Up

Heung-Min Son

Even when Spurs did have a backup striker, it was Son who was usually given the nod in attack.

The South Korean certainly knows where the goal is and has already his ten goals in all competitions this season, including two when he played as a striker against ​Crystal Palace earlier in the season.

He tore ​Manchester City apart in the ​Champions League last year, and he could definitely do it again. ​

5. Dele Alli Scores Goals

Dele Alli

Son’s best work is usually done on the wing, so maybe Mourinho could look to play midfielder Alli in a more advanced role.

The Englishman is comfortable operating up alongside a striker, so it could be time for Alli to go one step further. He has been in great form since Mourinho’s arrival, and he might be the knight in shining armour.

Alli has got all the attributes to get the job done. If Mourinho can get him back to his best, this could be a stroke of genius.​

6. A New Striker Arrives?


Right, before you spit your drink out at the idea of Spurs actually signing someone, hear me out.

Mourinho has been eager to add a backup striker ever since he arrived, and he now has the chance to do so. Convincing Daniel Levy of that probably won’t be an easy task, but Mourinho can be pretty persuasive when he wants to be.

He has already admitted that ​he doesn’t think Parrott is ready to shoulder the responsibility, so a new senior face might be the best option for Spurs, who will soon have to accept that Kane isn’t invincible.

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