Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

Busoga United procedurally acquired use of its name from Busoga Kingdom – Nyago

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The tiff between the two entities led the regional administration to withdraw the club’s right to use the tag

Busoga United acquired the use of its name from the Registrar of Companies in the right manner, the club’s chairperson Diana Nyoga has stated.

The Busoga Kingdom wrote to the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa), withdrawing the use of the name by the club, but Nyago says they followed all the procedures in the acquisition of the name.

“We followed the correct procedure of acquiring that name [Busoga United], through the Registrar of Companies, which the office advised that we seek authorization from the kingdom as per the rule against the use of traditional organization names,” Nyago told Football256.

“The kingdom gave us a letter of no objection to the cause, and that’s how we acquired the name for the club.

“So, in any case to the contrary, the same procedure has to be followed which is, unfortunately, heading into a legal battle.” 

The protracted tussle between the club and the kingdom comes a few days after Nyago claimed Busoga Kingdom Sports Minister Amin Bbosa had not been authorised by the club to attend Fufa’s consultative meeting in the previous week.

“Fufa should come out and outline how the people who represented Busoga United are known in the club’s structures and they represented the club in what capacity,” she added.

“[Amin] Bbosa has no business whatsoever to represent the club irrespective of his position in the kingdom, which I respect. He is not an official at the club, that’s the truth and it doesn’t call for war.”

The move taken by the Busoga Kingdom meant, Kyabazinga, King William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV, ceased to be the club’s patron. Adamant Nyago says credible evidence has to be presented by the kingdom as to why they are opposed to the club’s use of the name.

“The person who signed the letter of no objection for us to use the Kingdom name will have to present very genuine reasons for the Registrar of Companies on why it should be changed now,” she concluded.

“Writing to Fufa is wrong because it was just at the receiving end of what name we presented to them as a club, they were not involved in the process, so why involve them in the name change process.”

Busoga United was initially called Kirinya Jinja SS and were promoted to the Premier League six seasons ago.

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