Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Conor Coady Says VAR ‘Isn’t Working’ in Premier League After Wolves’ Defeat to Liverpool

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Wolves captain Conor Coady has stated that he believes VAR is not working in the Premier League, saying that reaching the correct decision is not worth the confusion it causes on the pitch. 

The technology was introduced at the start of the season in England’s top-flight, but has been subject to widespread criticism from supporters, players and pundits alike, with some feeling it has not achieved its intended purpose of reducing officiating mistakes. 

​Wolves‘ 1-0 defeat to ​Liverpool hinged on two key decisions made in the VAR room, with the Reds’ opening goal initially disallowed by referee Anthony Taylor, before a lengthy review deemed that neither ​Virgil van Dijk or Adam Lallana had handled in the build-up, with Wolves players in particular protesting the former. 

Anthony Taylor

Wolves looked to have equalised shortly before the break, but that too was chalked off by VAR for a marginal offside. It meant they walked away with nothing despite an impressive display at Anfield, and in the wake of the match, Coady spoke out against the technology in its current format. 

​”We feel massively hard done by and I can’t get my head around it. For me, it is not working,” Coady said, as quoted by the ​BBC

“Some people are saying it gets the right decision, but we’re the players on the pitch and it doesn’t feel right to me.

“It is still confusing, I can’t get my head around it. You don’t get answers on the pitch.

Mohamed Salah,Conor Coady

“Anthony Taylor is great to speak to but I ask a question and I don’t get an answer,” Coady went on.

“We thought Van Dijk handballed it, but the referee tells me Van Dijk is too far away. He played the pass. VAR is affecting the game, you can hear the fans singing about it.

“It is so disappointing that we are stood here talking about VAR rather than the game and the way Wolves played.”

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