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Ex-Real Madrid & Leeds Star Raúl Bravo Accused of ‘Hiring Hitman’ After Teammate Shooting

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​Former Real Madrid and Leeds United defender Raúl Bravo has been accused of hiring a hitman to shoot his former teammate Darko Kovačević in Greece earlier this month – allegedly in relation to a Spanish match-fixing scandal.

Kovačević (pictured below) was shot at outside his home in Athens on 7 January, but escaped relatively unscathed – the ex-footballer only needed to visit the hospital after injuring his wrist and knee whilst falling to get out of the way of the bullet.

An investigation into the incident has been going on ever since and Serbian outlet Telegraf (via La Gazzetta dello Sport) claim that Kovačević’s former teammate Bravo ‘ordered’ the shooting.

Serbia v Romania - UEFA Nations League C

It’s stressed that it’s unknown if incident was an attempt at Kovačević’s life or a just warning shot due to the information he’s claimed to know about a match-fixing scandal which Bravo has been caught up in.

The belief that it’s the latter has been bolstered as police apparently did not find a bullet at the scene.

The former Real Madrid defender (pictured below playing for Leeds United in 2003) was among 11 people arrested after an investigation by Spanish authorities – relating to a possible case of match-fixing in May 2018.

Telegraf’s claim is based around the suggestion that Kovačević has knowledge about that specific match-fixing case.

Craig Bellamy of Newcastle United and Raul Bravo of Leeds United

Kovačević, a former striker at Juventus, Lazio and Sheffield Wednesday, was teammates with Bravo at Olympiacos between 2007 and 2009. 

“I saw a man getting out of a car with a gun in his hand and coming towards me,” Kovačević said about the shooting, quoted by The Mirror. “I instinctively dived to the right and he fired at me. Then he ran, got into the car and disappeared.”

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