Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

I keep it positive on social media – Romelu Lukaku

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Speaking at the Dubai Sports Council Conference Romelu Lukaku explained how he tries to keep his posts positive on social media even after a loss.

The Belgian international was asked how he manages his social media accounts to which he admitted having a small team who help him. “We, as young people, seek to give a good image of ourselves first, and our country secondly, especially on social media platforms” the 26-year-old said. “Sending positive messages is the foundation of a football player’s presence today, even if you face a difficult game or lose in it. I try to be positive and not go too far in negativity.”

The Inter Milan striker has been victim of racist abuse during matches since his arrival in Italy and strongly believes more needs to be done in Italy to combat racism in football. “What happened to me was sad because it was the first time it happened in my career.”

The panel of professionals included Juventus midfielder Miralem Pjanić and Atlético Madrid striker João Félix. Bosnian international Pjanić highlighted the power of social media by stating “billions of people love football, and our popularity is a dangerous weapon that we must use correctly, especially as we set an example for millions of teenagers and young adults.”

João Félix, the world’s most expensive young player, said “Today’s clubs are a supportive and essential advisor to the player when communicating with the public on social media platforms.” 

All three agreed that social media has changed the way footballers communicate to the outisde world.

Former Manchester United forward Romelu Lukaku twitted this after the conference which was held in Dubai’s Johara Ballroom.

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