Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

Let the boys dance: Sono compares Makaringe’s ‘showboating’ to Ronaldo

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Former South Africa coach Jomo Sono has defended Fortune Makaringe’s showboating, saying players should be left to express themselves.

Makaringe drew Pitso Mosimane’s ire when he stepped on the ball during Orlando Pirates’ 1-0 win over the Brazilians last Wednesday.

Mosimane felt the Pirates star lacked respect for opponents, but Sono laughed off the incident, saying players should be left to express themselves with the ball.

“Ha! ha! ha! It’s Kasi flavour, Kasi flavour Baba,” Sono told Far Post.

“Let the boys dance, baya dancer abafana (the boys are dancing). You know I think sometimes certain things in football, with the experience I have, you let them pass and not even entertain them. I mean if what the boy did was to…maybe there was an opponent in front of him, maybe I would say it’s disrespect…if there was an opponent in front.

“But because there was nobody, the boy was enjoying himself. Maybe this is what makes him to be on form, maybe he has to do that for him to be on form. I don’t think it was that much of a showboating because he had done it at Maritzburg [United] before, I’ve seen it…Yesses!

“He did it for a long time and trap it with his knee and spin around. If it’s good for Pirates, if they can get points by doing that let them get points. We are different, other people need to do something different to get their form.”

Sono said there is a need to appreciate the changing times of the game of football, and recall times when he used to showboat during his playing days.

“I know football has changed, I also used to stand on the ball. Do you remember that I used to stand on top of the ball? But football has changed you know and nami when I stood on top of the ball I felt my blood boiling, wanting to play more.

“Football has changed but I’ve seen players like Messi putting the ball through other players’ legs. I have seen Ronaldo doing four, five, six, seven step–overs in front of an opponent. I don’t think there’s that much of a difference between a step over that is made by Ronaldo seven times, and what this boy did. I think it was blown out of proportion.

“Sometimes things like these they happen in football. I don’t know if there’s a difference…maybe the experts are in the Premier League, us we are in the GladAfrica Championship, maybe we are not football experts but, maybe the experts can decide if the one from Ronaldo and the one he (Makaringe) did is there any difference na? Or the only thing I can say is we have to find out if there’s a difference in what is done by Ronaldo with his many step-overs and this one that was done by this boy.

“I loved standing on top of the ball, especially playing against Kaizer Chiefs because they made [Sylvester] City Kole follow me the whole ground. By doing that I was playing mind games to Kole, sending a message that you won’t touch me I will even stand on top of the ball. So that made me to be on form.”

Sono is currently coaching his team Jomo Cosmos in the First National Division.

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