Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Liverpool Set to Overtake Manchester United With Highest Revenue in England as Soon as Next Season

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​Liverpool‘s rise to the top of the English football pyramid continues, with the news that the Reds are about to overtake ​Manchester United with the highest revenue in the United Kingdom.

The battle for dominance as the best English club rages on between these two clubs. Forecasts from Deloitte’s Football Money League show that Liverpool look set to replace United as England’s biggest earning club following a 27-year period of dominance. 

Liverpool Parade to Celebrate Winning UEFA Champions League

Ahead of Sunday’s grudge match, the Daily Mail is reporting that Liverpool will earn £555m-£590m in revenue this year. Due to Manchester United’s lack of Champions League football, the Red Devils income should drop from £627.1m down to between £580m and £560m. Liverpool’s success in the Champions League and Manchester United’s inability to qualify is ultimately changing the dynamic between these two clubs.

This current Liverpool team have similarities to the Manchester United sides of the 90s under Sir Alex Ferguson’s command. The Red Devils ended a 26-year wait for their first title back in 1993, starting a run of 20 years as the foremost team at or around the top of the Premier League. This season, Liverpool hope to seal their first league title, concluding a 30-year drought.

Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier League

This January, Liverpool announced a lucrative multi-year deal with Nike, running for five years and expected – despite its low guaranteed value – to be worth up to £100m per year thanks to a revenue-sharing agreement. 

The latest news will come as a further blow to Ed Woodward’s position at United CEO, ​with the former investment banker being criticised for being more of a money-focussed man than someone who can help the team grow on the pitch. That position, typically, would suppose that he can prevent the club falling behind its rivals financially. 

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