Mon. Oct 19th, 2020

Social media accounts purported to be of a new club has surfaced, with posts which advertised their intention of competing in Malaysia’s pro league.

Over the weekend, Malaysian football followers on social media have been made aware of a possible newcomer to the Malaysian league.

Social media accounts purported to be belonging to a new club, Rakyat United has surfaced, with posts which advertised their intention of competing in Malaysia’s professional competition.

Rakyat (Malay for ‘citizen’) have revealed little information beyond their name and crest, but have wasted no time to start recruiting players, advertising for interested pros and amateurs to contact them.

Their recruitment advertisement has also included the salary range, with each first team player set to receive a monthly wage of between RM3,000 and RM5,000 (USD700 to 1200).

More curiously, their recruitment drive also seems to be guided by diversity and inclusivity. They have pledged to sign to their first team roster two players aged between 14 to 17, two aged 30 and above, two Chinese-Malaysian players, two Indian-Malaysian players, and two players with Sabah and Sarawak native origins respectively. 

Bizarrely, Rakyat are also looking to sign two players aged 50 and above to their first team roster!

In addition to this, the account also stated that the new team, one that will be rebranded from an existing one, plans to be based out of and play in the Klang Valley area, while they will be fully-owned by a corporate entity.

No official word has been issued regarding the original team that will be taken over by Rakyat, but rumours are rife that it is Felda United, who recently confirmed their relegation to the Malaysia Premier League for next season.

The Fighters’ current government-firm owner recently attempted to shut down the club’s operations despite the club having secured their 2021 licence and completed their first-phase privatisation documentations, which has forced the club management to scramble for a new owner.

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