Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Sean Dyche Gives Hilarious Reaction to Being Given Tubs of Curry on Local Radio

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​Sean Dyche might be known for being one of the Premier League’s biggest overachieving managers – but the Burnley boss could also have quite a prominent career outside of football too, showcasing his knowledge and love for curries on local radio.

It was a social media phenomenon that football fans didn’t know they needed, but Dyche’s interview exploded online after a clip was shared of the Burnley manager being gifted some different tubs of food.

They were all made by BBC Radio Lancashire presenter Dan Jewell’s mother-in-law, handed over to Dyche during an interview which not only touched on his love for food, but also the Burnley’s manager’s decision to grow his infamous goatee, as well as his passion for shoes and music.

Sean Dyche

But the standout moment of his appearance on Radio Lancashire was when Dyche was presented with five tubs of food all made by the presenter’s mother-in-law – hypnotising viewers and listeners as he dissected the different ingredients in each dish.

Dyche was handed mushroom rice, samosas and pakoras at the start of the clip, but the Burnley boss couldn’t contain his excitement when he started being given curries – letting out a “now we’re talking” as the presenter handed over the first, a lamb curry.

Fascinatingly, Dyche didn’t just show off his knowledge of which curries he was being given.

The 48-year-old even explained the process that makes curries get a layer of oil on them – which according to the man himself is from the meat and the ghee – and that the proper name for the Chickpea curry is ‘Chana masala’.

As a concept, Dyche talking through his love for curries might not make for the most fascinating radio we’ve ever listened too.

But if the viral social media clip is anything to by, then Radio Lancashire’s full interview will Dyche will be something that no one will want to miss. 

The full interview is out on Wednesday.

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